Remote controls

Controlling the teleprompter remotely

When using a teleprompter, it can be really helpful to be able to control the scrolling remotely.

Prompt+ supports various remote control devices, including:

Bluetooth presentation remotes

Foot pedals

Wireless keyboards

Games controllers

iOS or Mac devices

Bluetooth 'presentation' remotes

The app has been programmed to receive signals from Bluetooth presentation remote controls. You can use the remote to start and pause scrolling

When looking for a suitable remote, you should ensure you find one which is compatible with iOS / Mac devices.

Here are some tested devices:

logitech r500 presentation remote for ios devices

Logitech R500

View on Amazon
Satechi bluetooth presentation remote

Satechi ST-APAM

View on Amazon
logitech spotlight presentation remote ios

Logitech Spotlight

View on Amazon

When you receive your remote control you need to pair it with your device. This is the same with any Bluetooth device. The remote control will come with instructions on how to do this so please follow them.

Once the remote control is paired, then you can simply use it with the app. No further setup is required inside the app.

Foot pedals

Use a foot pedal to control the teleprompter remotely, keeping your hands free for gesturing. There are various foot pedals available on the market but it is important that you purchase an iOS-compatible Bluetooth device.

Both of the devices below have been tested with the app.

AirTurn Duo 200 foot pedal

AirTurn Duo 200

View on AirTurn
AirTurn Quad 200 foot pedal

AirTurn Quad 200

View on AirTurn

When you receive your foot pedal you need to pair it with your device. Follow the manufacturer instructions to do this.

Once the foot pedal is paired, then you can use it with the app as no further setup is required inside the app. The 2-way pedals start/pause the script and change the direction of scrolling. 4-way pedals allow you to start/pause the script, change the direction of scrolling and adjust the speed of scrolling.

Wireless keyboards

Wireless keyboards can also be used to control the scrolling script.

  • Start / Pause scrolling
  • Change direction
  • Increase speed of scrolling
  • Decrease speed of scrolling
Logitech K400 wireless keyboard

Logitech K400

View on Amazon

Games controllers

If you have any games controllers for Playstation or Xbox which can be paired to your device, then they can also be used to control the script.

Supported controllers are:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth (Model 1708)
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller
  • PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
  • Other MFi (Made for iOS) Bluetooth controllers might be supported

Pair the controller with your iPhone, iPad or Mac

Xbox pairing instructions

Turn on your Xbox controller by pressing the Xbox symbol at the top, then put it into pair mode by pressing the pairing button on the top face of the controller (near the left trigger).

The controller will flash and appear in the list of devices in the Bluetooth menu of the Settings app. For further information about pairing Bluetooth devices, please see this guide

PS4 pairing instructions

Hold down the PS button and the Share button simultaneously for 5 seconds. The controller will flash and then appear in the list of devices in the Bluetooth menu of the Settings app. For further information about pairing Bluetooth devices, please see this guide

Troubleshooting pairing

For troubleshooting, please read the Apple support article which gives various information about how to pair games controllers to an iPhone or iPad.


PS4 Games controller app controls
  1. Start / Stop Recording
  2. Start / Pause Scrolling
  3. Decrease speed of scrolling
  4. Increase speed of scrolling
  5. Move the script backwards
  6. Move the script forwards

Other iOS or Mac devices

To use another iOS or Mac device as a remote control, you first need to install Prompt+ on both devices.

Then go to Settings > ? icon > Remote control on both devices.

On the device you wish to read from, select Display.

On the device you wish to use as the remote control, select Remote Control.

The app will search for other devices connected to the same Wifi network, or connected by Bluetooth. Once it finds a device it can connect with, it will be shown to you.

Finally, confirm that you wish to make the connection and then both devices will communicate with each other.

When using the remote control mode, all interaction is done with the Remote Control device. The display device is simply for reading from.

When you are finished using Remote Control mode, tap Close on the Display device to close the connection.

Teleprompter remote control using iOS device, foot pedal or bluetooth remote